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Freelance Photographer

Vss Ess / Vesselin Atanassov is a visual artist born in Bulgaria and now based in Berlin. After obtaining a BA in Visual Arts in Sofia, he got offered a scholarship to go and study in Milan where he completed a MA program in Institudo Europeo di Design in Interior Design. He has now been working as a visual artist in Berlin for the past four years collaborating with music producers and performers.
His main topics are inspired by the urban landscapes in the search to capture it’s very unique atmosphere. His works could be described as a journey through the oneiric, an exploration of humans mind and behaviors. 
Often he likes to present his works using different techniques such as projecting on different materials (usually not used for that matter) or holograms.
His creative process is an invitation to broaden our horizons and to let go of social boundaries and perceptions.

- architecture photography

- urban landscape photography

- social documentary photography

- urban human photography



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